"My people, go out from her (Babylon), and let every man get away safe from the burning wrath of the Lord." (Jeremiah 51:45)

The four horsemen of Revelation open the seals of God's judgement of the evil generation in the End Times :  War, Genocide, Terrorism, New Virus, Biometric Micro-Chip (Mark of the Beast)... and ultimately to create "New World Order" !
Both Putin and Trump claim that Obama is the founder of ISIS. Obama admitted, "I am best at killing." In 2017, right after Trump became US president, he inherited from Obama's administration : US$ 17 Trillion government loan, uncontrolled zombie epidemic from the legalization of new drugs, 1 million Islamic refugees from war zones, consequences of division of Israel, middle east crisis, Russian ambitions, nuclear threat from Iran and North Korea, nuclear waste, extinction of animal species, climate change, bio-chemical crisis, uncontrolled hill fires, droughts, economic crisis ... (1 Thes 5:3)
The US government has built more than 800 giant FEMA concentration camps. People in US are labeled into different color and categories. Detention or execution of "dissidents" could happen at any time. (Rev 2:10-11) The US government has imported 30,000 guillotines through the World Health Organization with the "Islamic law" imposed throughout the country. Are they planning to cut off the pagans, especially Christians? (Rev 20:4) 
The global dignitaries and wealthy elites (Freemason, Illuminati) admit that "New World Order" is to achieve global political integration and eventually to destroy the majority of the world's population. (Rev 13: 7) Over 1000 Americans were killed or "disappeared" after demonstrations. The government used the pseudo-flag action to stir up terrorist attacks. They then deploy "martial law" with elite combat troops, unmanned "predator drones", bio-chemical weapons, insect stealth bombers and high-tech monitoring. Any terrorist suspect may be detained in a FEMA camp. The presidential privilege law allows the government to kill freely with unmanned killer drones without any trial procedures. The National Security Bureau has ordered 1.6 billion bullets used only in US, 20 times more than the Iraq war. "...and by peace shall destroy many..." (Dan 8:25) 
The US government has passed the Medicare bill to implant biometric microchips to all US citizens. The "mind-control" technology could transform human into slaves or killing machines. Homeless people would be arrested and put into FEMA camps during catastrophes and forced to implant biometric micro-chip (666 Mark of the Beast). (Rev 13:16-18)
What tribulations in the End Times would be after all these guillotines, underground fortresses, new viruses and vaccines, unexpected shut down of most Wal-Mart supermarkets in a so-called democratic country? This program reveals the facts !  Dozens of biblical prophecies fulfilled !

New World Order : End Times Tyranny

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