Near Death Experience 7+7 : Journeys To Heaven

<Near Death Experience 7+7 : Journeys To Heaven>
Heaven : A marvelous place filled with happiness and joy, with no tears and pain. There are constructions built by gold and all kinds of Jewelries. The vision is more vivid to human beings and there will be much more colors than earth. The scenery is extremely beautiful, with pastures decorated with diamonds, golden paths, glittering waterfalls and glamorous plants and trees. Countless flowers are blooming while millions of butterflies are flying by. God will grant new houses and rewarding to His people in accordance with their performance on earth. Heaven is a place of Eternity that has no concept of time, with most importantly the presence of complete LOVE, JOY and PEACE which come from the Almighty GOD of Trinity.
According to a recent Gallop Poll, 8 MILLIONS Americans claimed to have Near Death Experience. And nearly 600 people have a Near Death Experience everyday. From USA to Europe, 25 hospitals had already joined together to work on the research of Near Death Experience. And even the doctors from Harvard university came to a conclusion that people will have Life After Death!
This program includes 14 famous NDE interviews, other visions and testimonies around the world, including New York Times No.1 Best Selling Books (over 4 millions) such as : <Heaven is for real> - Colton Burpo ; <90 Minutes In Heaven> - Don Piper and <Proof of Heaven> - Eben Alexander. 
Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon from Harvard University, has had a Near Death Experience in a 7 days coma. A skeptic in the past now confirmed to the world that there is life after death. He testified his stay in Heaven where he saw millions of butterflies, extremely vivid scenery in a totally new and beautiful realm. He met his sister in Heaven who died young whom he had never met in his life on earth.
Don Piper describes Heaven as a place he never wants to leave…reunion with his grandpa and schoolmates, hearing countless songs without chaos. He walked onto a golden road after passing through 12 pearl gates, where he met Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul. He even participated in the feast of the Lamb (Jesus)…
Colton remembered that he was taken to Heaven by angels and the first person he saw was JESUS. He then met his unborn sister who died in her mother's womb. He also met his grandpa's father in Heaven whom he had never met on earth. 
Another miraculous story comes from a little girl, Akiane Kramarik, with visions of Jesus since the age of 4. She drew the images of Jesus at the age of 8 and 9. Her drawings of Jesus was confirmed by Colton Burpo who met Jesus in his Near Death Experience at the age of 4. Later on, Akiane finished over 600 paintings which portrayed the beauty of Heaven in different ways.
Besides, Ian McCormack was killed by the poison of 5 Jelly fishes. He was an atheist before he died and he went to Hell. Fortunately, he was rescued by his mother's prayer. He was then taken to the gate of Heaven by the Lord and having a face-to-face encounter with God!
Last but not least, Nick Vujicic eagerly shares with us his wonderful Life Without Limbs.

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