<BIBLE CODE> - Past Present Future Miracles Of God

<BIBLE CODE> - Past Present Future Miracles Of God
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New York Times Best Seller <Bible Code> - Michael Drosnin
“Every major event and major figure in the world history, appears to be encoded in the Bible”
Startling researches contributed by the most famous Jewish sages and Rabbis; encryption experts from National Security Department and US Defense ; computer researchers, encryption experts, mathematicians, statistical scientists and theologians from Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Yale University, Washington University, New York University, Hebrew University.
For centuries, many notable scholars have believed that there are two sets of messages in the Bible : the surface text that we can all see, and secret messages encoded in the original Hebrew words from which all versions of the Bible is translated.
With the help of computers, scientists and theologians have scoured the Bible for hidden indications of actual people and events of past and current historical significance. Now, you can learn about how the Bible Code is being read and interpreted and how modern day events that impact your life today were foretold 3000 years ago in the Old Testament. From a logical point of view, we will suppose Obama, Clinton, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Scuds, 911 Terror Attack, U.S. Pentagon, Szechuan Earthquake, SARS in China, Tsunami in Japan, Hurricane in USA, World War, Hitler and even the names, birth-death date and birth-death cities of 66 Jewish Sages in this centuries, celebrities such as Edison, Beethoven, Einstein, Shakespeare, Picasso…or even Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs…, should not be related to the Bible because they are events and figures from modern days but Bible is a legacy from ancient times. And many more warnings to the impending disasters are encoded such as : 2012, Calamities, Comet, Solar Flare, Annihilated, Earthquakes, World War III, Holocaust, Atomic War, End of Days….
After the amazing discovery by Israeli scientists of an encrypted Bible Code found in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, researchers worldwide have been making new discoveries about the past, present, and future. Numerous new Bible Code discoveries are shared about historical Bible characters, Jesus, Messianic prophecies, Christ's crucifixion, and more. This program also examines how the code is being used as a predictive tool in finding the Ark of the Covenant, oil in Israel, gathering military intelligence, and how researchers are finding themselves and their families in the code.

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