Unicorn Media Network and its mother company, Medialogic Production Studio (since 1993) involved in the production and post-production service film / video distribution of 80% of commercial film / video / tv programs in Hong Kong since the 1990s with over 10,000 hours of programs of various genres. Unicorn has been a commercial film/TV distribution company in Hong Kong since 2004. Unicorn focused on the video production and distribution of Christian Faith-based programs from 2011 after we became Christians. "Near Death Experience 7+7 :  Journey To Heaven and Hell" was awarded No.1 Best-Selling Christian DVD in Hong Kong (2013-14)

Since 2011 we have been developing a free Christian Faith-based video channel on YouTube : HKUnicorn

Please support us to continue to produce high quality Christian video programs by visiting our online shop. 

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